Objective Human Capital Performance Data for Corporate Leadership.

Quantify and monitor the financial impact of culture on corporate performance for CHROs, CEOs, CFOs & Board Directors.

A data-science approach to determine the relationship between an organization’s culture and its “bottom line”.

Prioritized and actionable data to enhance profitability by addressing organizational risk associated with the variety of needs across a workforce.

Unbalanced Culture

Use data to identify specific areas of your organization where business issues exist and require prioritized attention and investment.

Balanced Culture

Understand where your investments in the workforce are creating higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Powerful Metrics

Baseline and track ROI via Culture & People data to generate insights and inform better business decision making.

A solution for the alignment of CHROs, CEOs, CFOs & Board Directors via objective Culture Health Metrics and financial indicators that monitor workforce ROI and drive corporate performance.

What is Culture?

A set of shared mental assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organizations by defining appropriate behavior in various situations.*

Culture determines effectiveness and efficiency throughout a business every single day.

*Davide Ravasi & Majken Schultz