Our Company

At Broad-Gauge we believe culture is how values are put into action every single day.

We were founded on the idea that culture presents the most common and significant risk to organizations today. And while leaders own the values and culture of an organization, they are almost always at arms-length from the variety of behaviors and needs throughout the workforce that define that culture.

The market-defining leader in Culture Assurance.

Our solution was created to give leaders a first-hand data-driven perspective on the overall culture profile as well as the sub-culture profiles throughout the organization. By offering leaders an unbiased, non-operational, 3rd party perspective, our approach to quantifying culture identifies risk and provides leaders with a framework for ongoing governance. This means we help customers improve culture as a win-win for the workforce and the business.

A passion for connecting leaders with the culture of their organization.

Shaping the future

We help turn culture into a measurable impact so leaders can play a meaningful role in shaping a better future for all.

Measuring Success

We provide an independent perspective across the enterprise, so boards and executives can measure and manage culture seamlessly and with integrity.

Driving culture

We help organizations identify the pockets of sub-cultures that are driven by the variety of needs across diverse people, roles, managers and locations.

Broad-Gauge is dedicated to supporting leaders with a macro view of the business and its integration with human capital.

Our Mission

Provide simple & powerful metrics for leaders on culture.

Our Vision

Connect every leader with the ongoing journey of avoiding risk and building an intentional culture.

Our Values

Avoid risk. Respect workers. Nurture culture. Improve our clients’ businesses.

Measure culture. Lower risk. Demonstrate impact.