Our Solution

Gain visibility and identify organizational risk.

Simple and powerful culture health metrics.

A framework for the ongoing governance of culture.

Make culture your
competitive advantage.

Measure culture alongside traditional business metrics such as retention and profitability.

your culture.

Give leaders optics into the variety of workforce needs.

A Culture Assurance platform that identifies organizational risk and unifies remediation efforts.

Culture Scan

Probe for a deeper understanding of the variety of needs across your workforce.

Quantify the Intangible

Leverage data to bring structure to the culture and sub-culture profiles throughout your organization.

Identify Hidden Risk

Identify unique factors of organizational risk in the relationship between your entity and human capital.

Culture Health Metrics

Give leaders a governance framework to measure culture along with traditional business metrics for retention, productivity and profitability.

A solution that provides structure and data for the measurement and ongoing governance of culture.

Why is culture more important than ever?

It’s always been culture that determines success – especially during challenging circumstances and change.

Unprecedented and forced changes brought on by the pandemic.

Workers are asking themselves, “What’s right for me?”

Successful companies must ask themselves, “What’s right for us?”

Field of Vision with Broad-Gauge

Leverage data to uncover organizational risk that must be addressed as well as strengths to exploit.

The ability to understand and measure culture is essential for businesses to protect and define their future.

Maintain a macro view of the business’ culture.

Less reliance on operational tools and platforms that are linear and domain focused.

Get access to simple and powerful health metrics for culture.

Maintain Culture and Sub-Culture Profiles. Know the strength and consistency of your culture.

A framework for governance

Data driving stakeholder transparency and accountability for: HR, IT, Leadership, Managers, CRE/Workplace.

Vertical Alignment

Leaders and managers understanding what levers to pull specific to their department or team.

Horizontal Alignment

Highlighting invisible speedbumps that are organizational risks or strengths to exploit.

3rd Party Culture Assurance

Measure Culture.  Lower Risk.  Demonstrate Impact.

A One-Time
Truth Serum

A single Culture Scan to reveal your Culture Health Metrics.

A One-Year Program

A procession of 2 to 4 Culture Scans over a 12-month period.

A Two-Year Program

A procession of 5 to 8 Culture Scans over a 24-month period.

A Customized Approach

An engagement suited to your specific business needs.