use Cases

Measure Culture. Lower Risk. Demonstrate Impact.

We unplugged from the physical workplace. We can never unplug from good leadership, sound organizational values & policies, an engaged workforce and effective technology. With the proliferation of remote and hybrid work, being together physically can no longer be a dependency of culture.

A post-pandemic Culture Assurance Scan will quantify your culture and identify areas of organizational risk.

Our solution can be leveraged for a one-time Culture Scan as a “truth serum” for owners, leaders and executives to baseline their culture expectations against reality.

Our solution can also be deployed continually for leaders to measure and monitor a culture that lowers organizational risk and optimizes human capital for success.

Here are examples of more specific use cases for our solution.

Workplace Transformation

Whether an organization is embarking on a significant real estate investment for a new workplace or establishing new work policies for remote and hybrid workers, profiling and measuring culture is essential to create a workplace as the physical manifestation of the culture. Establishing metrics will align internal stakeholders, inform external stakeholders and enable continuous measurement and improvement.

Board & Leadership Collaboration

The workforce and how we work has forever changed. CEO’s and Boards need access to a framework for the modern governance of culture. Simple and powerful Culture Health Metrics that are independent from operational data enable the C-Suite and Directors to identify hidden risk within culture and understand how to measure for improvement.

Human Capital Regulatory Disclosure

Human Capital measurements will play an increasingly larger role in upcoming years for public companies as part of the SEC’s Regulation S-K.  Pro-active Directors understand the importance of asking the right questions and having access to a 3rd party perspective as Culture Assurance for the growing disclosure requirements. Especially as more emphasis will be placed on surfacing hidden risk as well as unlocking value associated with a company’s previously intangible assets.

Protecting investments in Private Equity

Human Capital is taking center stage in private equity. Culture presents risk to new acquisitions and to existing investments in portfolio companies. The impact from poor talent retention and low productivity presents new risk factors with costs in money, time and client retention. Our ability to quantify culture and provide metrics during due diligence or for existing portfolio companies enable the board and operational CEO’s to rapidly and efficiently make decisions.

The CHRO’s seat at the table

Human Capital and culture expertise are vital in the C-Suite and at the Board level. And much like the CFO, the CHRO should capitalize on this opportunity by leveraging an independent perspective along with domain-centric, operational data. Through a 3rd party, data-driven perspective for Culture Assurance, the CHRO will showcase the ability to bifurcate the macro value of the organization from their day-to-day operational responsibilities. By doing so, HR leaders will earn the trust of fellow Executives and Directors to firmly establish their seat at the table.